Our nearly 50 years of experience in the emerald trade

have allowed us to develop extensive relationships with all of the major mining operations in Colombia. Since only a very limited supply of fine Colombian Emeralds are extracted each year, these relationships are critical in ensuring unparalleled access to the finest stones that come to market.

More than anything, we are guided by aesthetics, rarity, and beauty

In our sourcing processes, we aim to find stones that are unique and aesthetically pleasing, regardless of their price range. We place an especially strong emphasis on a stone’s clarity and the health of its crystal structure.

We only pursue stones that are either untreated or minimally treated.


We work closely with the industry’s leading colored-stone laboratories to provide our clients with the peace of mind needed to make decisions.

Whether a classically saturated stone from the Muzo region, fantastically clean material from Chivor or a gem from Coscuez, our position in the supply chain ensures that we are regularly able to access unique and exceptional stones.